Thus Spoke Science

So many seem to take “science” to mean the automatic and unquestioning acceptance of any opinion or assertion, however vague the evidence and obscure the authority, regarding physical phenomena. I know of no other way to take the sentiment that frequently pops up around the internet “science says” or “according to science” when people are discussing issues on which there is no scientific consensus or certainty (even a great consensus or near certainty only amounts to a probability) and about which the person understands little. What understanding they do have is based merely on what they briefly heard or read somewhere, lacks any nuance or context, and serves only to prompt the continual, smug appeal to an imagined authority “science”. I don’t think most people know what science is, how it works, or why.

Home for a Hermit – Introducing “Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage”

Kevin Lowry, William Newton, and I have started a non-profit organization to raise money to buy and/or build a hermitage to house my good friend, colleague, and mentor, Brother Rex Anthony Norris, and others who may succeed him in this vocation. Our organization is entitled “Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage”. Please take a moment […]