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Way of LifeI have recently begun using a great app on my iPhone entitled “Way of LIfe” by Lars Arendt.

I have been through a number of apps that help with task/time management (and now have been using the Cultured Code’s “Things”) but I have been on the hunt for a while now for an app that would help me with daily tasks, habits, and chores.

The idea behind the “Way of Life” app is quite simple:  make a list of the “habits” you are trying to promote in your daily life, track your habits with a simple “yes” or “no”, and then look back at the patterns and make changes as needed.

The app is both well executed and easy to use and keep up with. It is also a great looking app, with handy visual graphs and logical options. It is not overflowing with options (even some you might expect, like assigning certain days to habits) but the simplicity makes it easier to keep up with and actually use.

Overall, I like the app for its minimalism and ease of use. Since I am trying to develop good daily habits such as making times for prayer, reading, exercising, tracking my diet, etc, I don’t want an app that’s going to be too involved for me to practically use or one that does too much and doesn’t actually help train my will.

The “Way of Life” app is simple, practical, and has already been a great aid in developing positive daily habits.

Here is the link to the “Way of Life” app on the Apple store

Enjoy! And be sure to let me know your experience with the app OR what other app/method/tool/etc you use to help develop good habits and break bad ones.

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