Functionalism and Human Personhood

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For your entertainment and pondering, here is a video project from my college days that addresses the topic of “Functionalism and the Human Person”.

Functionalist definitions of person-hood are often used in the abortion debate as a justification for why unborn children do not posses the right to life. The attempt is made to reduce the definition of the “human person” to simply that of the aggregate of its functions. In other words, the functionalist claims that we afford individuals the right to life – “person-hood” – because of what they do rather than what they are.

The two videos provide a quick and dirty look at how functionalism is used (errantly in my opinion) to describe or define (and in some cases, explain away) what it means to be a human “person”. If you enjoy the video and want to read a bit more, I have attached my corresponding essay that is more in depth and has citations for you to pursue.

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!

Click to read my essay on Functionalism and the Human Person

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