Highlight: Brandon Vogt and his new book “The Church and New Media”

The Church and the New Media

The Church and the New MediaI had the singular privilege to meet and take lunch with an up-and-coming Catholic communicator and convert to the faith, Brandon Vogt. Brandon was visiting the offices of the Coming Home Network International to be interviewed by Marcus Grodi on EWTN’s “The Journey Home” program and CHNetwork’s “Deep In Scripture Radio”.

Kevin Lowry of GratefulConvert.com, my wife Teresa Grodi, and I took lunch with Brandon in between tapings. The four of us had a great conversation about evangelization, literature, conversion, and the new media, a topic for which Brandon is quickly becoming a go-to guy in the Catholic world.

Brandon gave me a copy of his book which I am excited to read and review as soon as I can. From the introduction and early chapters, it looks to be a great and inspiring read.

The Church and the New MediaIt may seem otherwise to some, but by my estimation the new media is a difficult thing for principled men and women to write and speak about effectively. I think it is difficult because of the strong temptation towards “glass-half-full” thinking and pessimism at the ways in which technologies are used. I myself have been known to bemoan the negative effects that the influx of rapid-fire communication has seemed to have on the culture itself – it is always easier to tear down than to build up.

From what I have read thus far and what I know from my delightful visit with Brandon, he brings wisdom, optimism, and resolve to the discussion on how the church is to engage the “digital continent”.

If any of you have read/are reading/are going to read, please let me know what you think!


P.S. Here is Brandon Vogt’s info:

Brandon’s blog: www.thinveil.net

Brandon’s Conversion Story

Book Website: The Church and the New Media by Brandon Vogt

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