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As a fan of his, how would I best describe Peter Kreeft? Simply, the best “teacher” I have ever encountered.

Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College, is nearing the 60 book mark, is a renowned Catholic speaker, and has a host of free articles and audio bytes on his site www.peterkreeft.com.

Kreeft speaks to a variety of philosophical and theological topics with great eloquence and order.
I have often remarked to my friends that while with most authors/speakers one might skim through their topics to find one that sounds “catchy” assuming that it may be one of their more interesting pieces, with Kreeft, some of my favorite works are those that are simply overviews of a basic topic (such as homosexuality, prayer, and why we don’t have priestesses) because he is such a great teacher!

My favorite resource are his talks (available by podcast) – be sure to listen to “Culture War”, “Priestesses”, “Moral Theology and Homosexuality”, and for the more abstract/literary/philosophically minded, “Language of Beauty” is excellent, although it needs a good 4-6 listens to really sink in : )

If, like me, you are not in school but want to continue to be enriched in the deep theology and philosophy of the Catholic faith, Peter Kreeft is an excellent teacher and www.peterkreeft.com is an excellent place to start learning!

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