“The Best Things in Life” by Peter Kreeft


Here is a little gem of a book that I happened to discover in the library of the Catholic apostolate I work at.  It’s called “The Best Things in Life” and it is another of Kreeft’s characterizations of Socrates trying to make head or tails of our modern day.

In the form the original dialogues, the book is comprised of conversation between Socrates and students at “Desperate State” university – how many of us could have applied that title to our own forum of learning?

It takes a chapter or two to get in the rhythm of reading the fast paced dialogue, however one is rewarded by an engaging, witty, socratic challenge to the ideologies and sensibilities of the day. Never telling or preaching, always merely asking and pointing out, Kreeft portrays a convincing and delightful and captivating Socrates – if only he could “corrupt” the minds of today’s youth like he was accused of in Greece?

I would recommend this book both as a quick and delightful refreshment to seasoned thinkers as well as a powerful but engaging challenge to any muddled modernist mind.

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