Book Review: “The Church and New Media” by Brandon Vogt

The Church and the New Media

I would like to tell you briefly about and recommend a book entitled “The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, The Church and the New Mediaand Bishops Who Tweet” by Brandon Vogt, a 25 year old Catholic author whom you can find out more about on his blog

“The Church and New Media” is an enjoyable and relatively quick read. A blue-green and white paperback book, it containins 11 chapters (12 counting Brandon’s concluding thoughts) each by a different author involved with the New Media in some way or another. Some of the authors give testimony of the successes the Holy Spirit has brought about through the New Media, some describe the ways which the modern communications technologies can be used for evangelization and outreach, and some bring a bit of theory to the table, including Brandon himself in the final section of the book, discussing the inherent character of the New Media and the benefits and drawbacks therein.

Vogt’s book is a solid, optimistic, but nevertheless balanced look at the ways the Church is involved in New Media, could be involved in the New Media, and should be involved in the New Media. I would recommend this book for others, like myself, who are interested in using the New Media as means to spread the gospel, but who may need some encouragement and inspiration from others who have blazed trails on the digital continent. It is a very empowering, enlightening, and encouraging read.

Most importantly however, I think this will be an important book for many readers who aren’t already involved in the media of our time, those for whom the digital continent may as yet be uncharted territory – perhaps your parish priest, your fellow parishioners, or your parents. The balanced, well-explained (there is a glossary of new media terms!), and diverse collection of articles that “The Church and New Media” offers, would be an excellent first step for the less “plugged-in”, whether they are wary or simply unfamiliar with the technologies and language of the New Media.

All in all, “The Church and New Media” is certainly a must-read for those Catholics and Christians who are directly involved in the technologies and territories of the digital continent, but it is also essential reading for anyone called to “go ye therefore and make disciples”.

If you fall into either of these categories, definitely check out “The Church and New Media” by Brandon Vogt.

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“The Church and New Media” on The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet

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