On the Web: The Coming Home Network


The Coming Home Network International (www.chnetwork.org)is a Catholic apostolate started by Marcus Grodi, protestant-clergy-convert to the Catholic Church. The Coming Home Network provides fellowship, materials, conferences, and other support to other non-catholic clergy and lay people who are thinking of making the “Journey Home” to the Catholic Church.

  • The site has a number of great resources such as the CHNetwork newsletter, a database of conversion stories, the CHN Journals, etc.
  • Also, the affiliate site www.deepinscripture.com is Marcus’ live radio bible study broadcasted from the Coming Home Network studio.
  • If you are a Catholic, convert or lifelong, and are interested helping protestant clergy and laypeople come home OR if you yourself are interested in discovering and possibly joining the Catholic Church, please visit www.Chnetwork.org.

    ( Had to be my first website mention – Marcus Grodi is my father and I am the webmaster for CHNetwork.org)

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